Sheffield Malaysian Games – Basketball

So I got asked to go do some photography for the basketball team at Sheffield’s Malaysian games last Saturday. I’ll be honest – this is not one of my better sports photography ventures.

Grabbity grab grab.

Well, the first (and main) problem I ran into was that it was indoors. With my only wide aperture lens being my 50mm, I was forced to resort to using my 70-300mm at ISo 1600. Much cringing from me ensued, although the high ISO noise reduction did help that somewhat.

The starting jumps are epic.

Despite that, I still wasn’t getting high enough shutter speeds to properly freeze some of the action, and to make matters worse, the lights in the hall… were green.

One of the few times I managed to get a stationary shot before everyone went running off every which way.

I had to mess with the white balance considerably to get the photos to not look like they were taken through a 7UP bottle.

Wrestlemania. :U

In the end, my shooting tactics pretty much came to standing in a spot that looked like it might provide some oppotunities for goal photos, waiting for the players to stop moving and stick to their defensive positions for a few seconds or trying to pan them out when they moved.

Panning people is always a problem on account of flailing limbs.

Every now and again though, I would be able to grab a photo of people running without having to pan too much.

This is one of those photos you get when you just happen to hit the shutter at the right time.

So all in all, it wasn’t one of my best photo outings, but at least there are a few photos that I quite like. Then again, it’s just a few out of, say, 300, so it’s not a very good keep rate. ><

Just a few adjustments, and this thing would symmetrical.

I’ve got another assignment covering sports tomorrow at the Warwick Games. The game this time? Football. The place? Outdoors, so hopefully it goes better. I’ll probably post the results after the Oxford trip photos, so check back on Monday.

PS: We won.


5 Responses to Sheffield Malaysian Games – Basketball

  1. Azzy says:

    Meh, sometimes lighting colour is just uncontrollable. Worst case, open up PS and colour correct, then apply it for all your photos. I’ve seen another photographer do it before.

    • CodeVertigo says:

      Yeah, I know, I can run a batch, but it does take a while, and Photoshop is unusable until it’s done ><

      Personally, I prefer selecting and processing the photos I want by hand. Unless I end up with 50 of them, in which case… BATCH PROCESSING, AWAAAAAAAAY!

      • Azzy says:

        I found one trick is to desaturate if you really can’t do much about the crappy colouring. Like desaturate it 10-20%, not much but it takes out some of the overall colour.

      • CodeVertigo says:

        Yeah, I did the desaturation thing in the end.

  2. Alice NG says:

    Good job – I like the photos.

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