Oxford Phototrip

This was last Sunday, so I’m seriously backlogging here. Anyway… Oxford!

The big Oxford... dome. Thing.

The trip was organised by the Warwick Photography Society, and there were about twelve of us in total. As usual, I brought along my three lenses, but I only really needed to use the 16-85.

A selfless plug for you, PhotoSoc.

So really, there were only three places where I was really getting good photos. The street had some nice ones, courtesy of some very vintage looking architecture.

Not a very interesting photo. So why am I putting it up? Because I managed to get it almost perfectly symmetrical. 😀

The weather was excellent, thankfully, so most of my shots turned out pretty well. But the problem with great weather is epicfail blowouts when taking sky and scenery.

I'm annoyed at the cloud blowout on the right, but oh well.

The lighting became a little less strong later in the day though, so I was able to get some photos where the sky didn’t blow out completely.

Shooped a bit to bring out the sky, because I can't afford an ND grad filter right now. :U

Second place was in the park. Well, at least I assumed it was a park. Provided some pretty good opportunities for candid shots.

If you go to Oxford University, this is probably what you spend most of your time doing.

The (neon) green grass of home.

There was also a river running down it that provided some pretty decent photos. It’s a pity we didn’t take it slower, otherwise I would have had more time to make the most of it.

This had so much more potential for awesomeness. Sigh.

The rest of the trip? Well, there was a somewhat-bigass tower that we climbed:

Awesome weather is awesome.

A random hill next to a castle (Candid again, aww yeah):

Because roofs are romantic.

And an awesome panning shot just before we went home:

Bicycle pan FTW.

So that’s pretty much the Oxford trip. I’d say more, but there really isn’t much more to say. I do have  a bunch more photos, but I’m not putting them up here because I can’t think of the text to separate them. Besides, 10 photos in one post is pretty good, isn’t it?

Next post – the Warwick Games.


3 Responses to Oxford Phototrip

  1. Azzy says:

    1. Monash photosoc meeting on Wednesday.. not sure how it’s going to go down, but hopefully it won’t actually go -down-

    2. That’s not symmetrical, you’re off to the left by a wee bit. =D

    3. Why is there a half vignette in your tower photo? TAYYYYY

    4. I’m probably going to get a 35/1.8 for my bday… I decided an 85/1.8 will be later.

  2. CodeVertigo says:

    2. I said almost. ><

    3. The 16-85 does that sometimes, usually when the sun's behind me. Odd, but at least my vignette is real. :U

    4. You're also getting a Flickr Pro account. Remind me. 😀

    • Azzy says:

      4. hahahaha, thanks so much man.. I have 5 months to think of a bday present for you. lmk if you get an ND grad filter, if not I’ll see if I can find a system for you.

      5. I hope your contract goes all according to plan. would be badass to have yet another friend who works for their monies (chim being the first). =)

      6. I’ve been using Solid Edge for uni. It’s like.. a dumbed down version of any 3d program I’ve ever used. It’s an insult to 3digital artists everywhere. The only useful thing is automatic conversion of models to 2d sketches. Other than that, it’s so clunky and unnecessarily laggy, I feel like going back in time and stabbing the programmer who came up with it.

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