The Warwick Malaysian Games – Football

Again, backlogging, but here we go: The Warwick Malaysian Games.

Epic crunch time ensues.

I did request to do pictures of football, since I don’t really have the lenses to do indoor well, (evident from the Sheffield Games). The action took place on two fields, one of which I covered until 10:30 before I moved to the other.

Asplosive kick imminent.

Overall, it was a pretty good day for taking photos. Only problem was that the sun was a bit too strong at times, but this was quite easily avoided by simply moving myself so the sun would hit surfaces facing me. As a bonus, the LSE team turned up composed almost entirely of old school mates.

An early reunion. :V

So overall, a pretty good day with some pretty good games. Managed to get some interesting moments. There was this one guy from Newcastle(?) who ended up getting smashed in the face. Turned out it wasn’t anything too bad though, so that was alright.

Aforementioned smashed dude.

I ended the day with around 700 photos, and not all of them are great, but there were a few at least that I was somewhat proud of. But yeah, I’ve only uploaded five.

What goes up...

Next time? I have no idea. But I’m back in Malaysia now for Easter hols, so expect some photos from me soon.  :U


One Response to The Warwick Malaysian Games – Football

  1. uncle steve says:

    Hi Doug, very nice action shots you have! I enjoyed them all! Regarding your tripod, if you find it cumbersome trailing in the woods, a monopod can stabilise your sigma to a certain extent. Keep shooting!


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