Some photographers that aren’t Doug

Exams are rolling round, so the books are out and the camera is down for the time being, much to my disappointment. Still though, I should be back in action after June 15th. In the meantime, I have two sites below that are worth checking out.

I met someone in Coventry recently doing a photoshoot by the name of Aleksandra Zagozda. She’s a great photographer, doing fashion photography, among other things. You can check out her page at to see some awesome photos.

Also an excellent photographer is my fellow Malaysian partner-in-crime, Aswan Yap, who mostly photographs cars. He also has a fair amount of other subject matter though, and is a very practiced photographer (it shows). You can check out his Flickr stream at


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KLCC Outing

So yes, another random outing on the spur of the moment, this time to KLCC.

Okay, I won’t be doing too many Gigapans from now on. Maybe every now and then. I only have three other photos tonight, since I didn’t take that many to begin with. One of the fountain, the Petronas Towers and the central atrium of KLCC Suria.


Being night, it was a fairly good opportunity to try out some long exposure stuff with the fountain. While I would have preferred a waterfall or a stream for this, I think it turned out quite well. It did get a little problematic, with some spray catching the front end of my lens, but all in all, it wasn’t too much of a problem.

Fountains < Waterfalls, but they're still quite nice to take pictures of. 😀

I’d also thought that 16mm would have been more than enough for this job, but this evidently wasn’t the case. After some fairly extreme tripod acrobatics, I finally managed to get the Towers and the fountains in front of them into the shot. Just barely. ><

I wonder how much 12-24s are going for these days...

Bali Gigapans, anyone?

I just remembered – I had a bunch of photos from my Bali trip last year that I had intended to use for a Gigapan, but never actually did. So, 10 minutes of quick Photomerge and curve adjustments, and here we go. These are best viewed at full size, by the way. Just copy-paste the links in the picture descriptions to your address bars. Enjoy. 🙂

A day in Tanjong Sepat

So back home I am, and one day my parents go: “Hey, why don’t we go on a trip to Tanjong Sepat?”

"I'm on a boat aaaand, it's goin' fast aaaand..."

What was supposed to be a 40 minute drive ended up taking around the region of an hour and a half, mainly thanks to the obnoxious failcar that is the Toyota Alphard.


Anyway, Tanjong Segat. It’s a pretty small town, composed of mostly wooden buildings and a few points of interest. It’s supposed to be quite famous for its food and stuff, but that’s not why I was there.

Aforementioned good food.

My main point of focus was the beach and jetty area, really. It was quite an overcast day, and without an ND grad filter (once again), it meant that getting the clouds to appear in the photos became quite a task. It did get easier later in the day, but still, they required a small amount of shooping to bring out, even with the polariser on.

The most cluttered lamppost I have ever seen. And a dock with some cool clouds.

On this trip, I was testing out a new piece of gear – a Tamron 90mm F2.8 Macro. The F2.8 is a lie, though – it’s not a constant aperture lens. Still though, it was quite a nice lens. I’d tried it before, and faced a little bit of colour fringing on occasional… well – occasions, but I still felt it was a lens I was glad to have. Tried out some macro and got some very interesting stuff.

This guy was trying to hold his ground, snapping his claws at me hoping I'd go away.

I basically walked back and forth across the whole length of the jetty, grabbing stuff as I went. Thankfully, I had boots on, because the walk was mostly quicksand mud almost a foot deep. For most of the trek I was being unusually cautious, since a fall there would probably have been a very expensive mistake to make.

Barnacles, seaweed-moss-stuff and rope make for cool photo material.

Thinking about it, I’ve just realised how predominantly crab-controlled this place really is. They’re all over the sand, in shells…

Hermit crab!

... And again, but Macroy-er.

And even in the tree stumps.

Crab in a tree. I... uh... have nothing else to say.

After thoroughly caking my boots in mud and navigating my way back through the swampy low-tide mess, we went around to take photos of other things.

Rock-jumping is always good fun, if a little stressful when you've got a camera in your hands.

The rest of the time was pretty much spent driving around the vicinity of the village on our way out, waiting for good photo opportunities to present themselves.

Triangular tree growth FTW!

To be honest, there were a lot more photos that I took that might have been worth posting up if the weather conditions had been better. I’ll probably return here some day to do this properly.

ASTRO satellites apparently make excellent drain covers. I wonder what the company would have to say about that.

So yes, at the end of it all, it was quite a fruitful trip, but I believe it could have been much better. As usual, it’s always the weather that cocks things up – in my Bali trip last year, this was the case too, with fog and heavy clouds causing me to miss a sunrise and sunset opportunity. Maybe one day, I’ll give that a second attempt as well.

The long, cloudy, rainy trip home.

A Day Out With Mazda Miata

So, the Mazda MX5 Miata. It started out as a casual enough photography trip, but turned into a videofest with shakycam galore, courtesy of a lack of a good tripod. Still, I used several hours of my life making this, so I might as well let you guys watch it. Enjoy.

Maybe I’ll put up still photos later, but I get the feeling this video has more than enough frames for that. ><

Edit: We’ll be back – with gear, and a solid plan. Stay tuned.

An Hour in Taman Jaya

So yes, home I am. There’s not terribly much to do though, so as you can see, updates have been a little sparse. Today, though, I did have an hour or so to spare in Taman Jaya. The photos weren’t exactly masterpieces, but I did end up with a half-handful of interesting ones.

It was really bright, so 1/13 was the slowest shutter speed I could get for the water. I even had a polariser on. ._.

So yes, spent about an hour walking around Taman Jaya with the 16-85 and a CIR polarising filter. It was a normal enough photowalk, to be honest, but I’m a little surprised. See, I thought I took a lot of photos there, but once I got out, it was a lot less than I thought, even after remembering that I deleted a whole bunch.

Amcorp Mall on a backdrop of... itself. Windowey.

The photos I did get, personally, I think weren’t that brilliant, or could have been improved if I’d just had more time to think about each one. It might also have been the possibility that, well, let’s face it – Taman Jaya’s pretty to some extent, but that exactly the most interesting of photospots.

Is it just me... or is the reflection bent a little bit? O_o

Well, it’s not much, but hopefully there’s going to be more coming up soon. There might be something interesting tomorrow.


Might be.