An Hour in Taman Jaya

So yes, home I am. There’s not terribly much to do though, so as you can see, updates have been a little sparse. Today, though, I did have an hour or so to spare in Taman Jaya. The photos weren’t exactly masterpieces, but I did end up with a half-handful of interesting ones.

It was really bright, so 1/13 was the slowest shutter speed I could get for the water. I even had a polariser on. ._.

So yes, spent about an hour walking around Taman Jaya with the 16-85 and a CIR polarising filter. It was a normal enough photowalk, to be honest, but I’m a little surprised. See, I thought I took a lot of photos there, but once I got out, it was a lot less than I thought, even after remembering that I deleted a whole bunch.

Amcorp Mall on a backdrop of... itself. Windowey.

The photos I did get, personally, I think weren’t that brilliant, or could have been improved if I’d just had more time to think about each one. It might also have been the possibility that, well, let’s face it – Taman Jaya’s pretty to some extent, but that exactly the most interesting of photospots.

Is it just me... or is the reflection bent a little bit? O_o

Well, it’s not much, but hopefully there’s going to be more coming up soon. There might be something interesting tomorrow.


Might be.


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