A day in Tanjong Sepat

So back home I am, and one day my parents go: “Hey, why don’t we go on a trip to Tanjong Sepat?”

"I'm on a boat aaaand, it's goin' fast aaaand..."

What was supposed to be a 40 minute drive ended up taking around the region of an hour and a half, mainly thanks to the obnoxious failcar that is the Toyota Alphard.


Anyway, Tanjong Segat. It’s a pretty small town, composed of mostly wooden buildings and a few points of interest. It’s supposed to be quite famous for its food and stuff, but that’s not why I was there.

Aforementioned good food.

My main point of focus was the beach and jetty area, really. It was quite an overcast day, and without an ND grad filter (once again), it meant that getting the clouds to appear in the photos became quite a task. It did get easier later in the day, but still, they required a small amount of shooping to bring out, even with the polariser on.

The most cluttered lamppost I have ever seen. And a dock with some cool clouds.

On this trip, I was testing out a new piece of gear – a Tamron 90mm F2.8 Macro. The F2.8 is a lie, though – it’s not a constant aperture lens. Still though, it was quite a nice lens. I’d tried it before, and faced a little bit of colour fringing on occasional… well – occasions, but I still felt it was a lens I was glad to have. Tried out some macro and got some very interesting stuff.

This guy was trying to hold his ground, snapping his claws at me hoping I'd go away.

I basically walked back and forth across the whole length of the jetty, grabbing stuff as I went. Thankfully, I had boots on, because the walk was mostly quicksand mud almost a foot deep. For most of the trek I was being unusually cautious, since a fall there would probably have been a very expensive mistake to make.

Barnacles, seaweed-moss-stuff and rope make for cool photo material.

Thinking about it, I’ve just realised how predominantly crab-controlled this place really is. They’re all over the sand, in shells…

Hermit crab!

... And again, but Macroy-er.

And even in the tree stumps.

Crab in a tree. I... uh... have nothing else to say.

After thoroughly caking my boots in mud and navigating my way back through the swampy low-tide mess, we went around to take photos of other things.

Rock-jumping is always good fun, if a little stressful when you've got a camera in your hands.

The rest of the time was pretty much spent driving around the vicinity of the village on our way out, waiting for good photo opportunities to present themselves.

Triangular tree growth FTW!

To be honest, there were a lot more photos that I took that might have been worth posting up if the weather conditions had been better. I’ll probably return here some day to do this properly.

ASTRO satellites apparently make excellent drain covers. I wonder what the company would have to say about that.

So yes, at the end of it all, it was quite a fruitful trip, but I believe it could have been much better. As usual, it’s always the weather that cocks things up – in my Bali trip last year, this was the case too, with fog and heavy clouds causing me to miss a sunrise and sunset opportunity. Maybe one day, I’ll give that a second attempt as well.

The long, cloudy, rainy trip home.


6 Responses to A day in Tanjong Sepat

  1. Drakk says:


    Also, that dock photo looks like something out of Silent Hill.

    • CodeVertigo says:

      I thought so, yes.

      Although Silent Hill tends to look… brown-er?

      • Drakk says:

        True, but I was thinking more of the mood…the clouds look threatening.

        Why are your comment displays messed up?

      • CodeVertigo says:

        Comment displays are looking alright to me…


      • Drakk says:

        The first 3 or so lines are crazy indented to the right.

        Possibly because the name/time stamp is in the way.

        Might be better if you shift the comment text below the stamp or keep everything to the right.


  2. Azzy says:

    Lol, all macro lenses have an inconsistent aperture when you focus on really close objects. It’s a good thing too… f/2.8 at super close range and you’ve got a focal plane like 1mm thick. =P

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