KLCC Outing

So yes, another random outing on the spur of the moment, this time to KLCC.

Okay, I won’t be doing too many Gigapans from now on. Maybe every now and then. I only have three other photos tonight, since I didn’t take that many to begin with. One of the fountain, the Petronas Towers and the central atrium of KLCC Suria.


Being night, it was a fairly good opportunity to try out some long exposure stuff with the fountain. While I would have preferred a waterfall or a stream for this, I think it turned out quite well. It did get a little problematic, with some spray catching the front end of my lens, but all in all, it wasn’t too much of a problem.

Fountains < Waterfalls, but they're still quite nice to take pictures of. 😀

I’d also thought that 16mm would have been more than enough for this job, but this evidently wasn’t the case. After some fairly extreme tripod acrobatics, I finally managed to get the Towers and the fountains in front of them into the shot. Just barely. ><

I wonder how much 12-24s are going for these days...


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