Some photographers that aren’t Doug

Exams are rolling round, so the books are out and the camera is down for the time being, much to my disappointment. Still though, I should be back in action after June 15th. In the meantime, I have two sites below that are worth checking out.

I met someone in Coventry recently doing a photoshoot by the name of Aleksandra Zagozda. She’s a great photographer, doing fashion photography, among other things. You can check out her page at to see some awesome photos.

Also an excellent photographer is my fellow Malaysian partner-in-crime, Aswan Yap, who mostly photographs cars. He also has a fair amount of other subject matter though, and is a very practiced photographer (it shows). You can check out his Flickr stream at


One Response to Some photographers that aren’t Doug

  1. Azzy says:

    Lol, nice post title.

    Ola Zagozda is pretty awesome. The kind of photography we wish we could do, but are too lazy to find out how/to buy all the equipment/to find a model/to composite everything. =(

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