Photos, and a change of hosting

So yeah, after some looking around, I’ve decided to start hosting on Picasa instead. As much as I love Photobucket, Gigapans aren’t quite as nice when they’re squashed down to a fraction of their intended size. I’ve also decided to start uploading photos at higher resolutions, so if image links start breaking, it means I’m messing around with it. Anyway, here’s three pics for today:

Taken some time ago at a fish wholesaler some way out. I can't remember where though. :<

"I AM NOT GOOD WITH TREE", so I can't tell you what tree this is, I'm afraid. Taken in Oxford.

The front of a building sitting in Oxford park. If I ever have a house that size, I want an epic creeper tree for it just like that one.


Another Gigapan.

I’m going to upload some more conventional photos later today or something, but for now, enjoy this Gigapan I took in Singapore. I’m going to need to find another place to upload these Gigapans, since PhotoBucket seems to like resizing them down to about 1000 pixels.

360 degree pan of the top of an observation deck on Pulau Ubin, at 16mm. Full Size:

I have some Pulau Ubin wildlife photos, and I’ll be putting them up soon. Check back soon.


Given that my work is involving video more and more these days, I figured I’d cobble a shoulder rig together. Took about half an hour or so to put it all together. It’s looking a bit patchwork, but I think replacing the foam with higher quality stuff and a coat of paint should definitely help. That and I’m probably going to add some stuff to the back as a sort of counterweight, or something to allow me to attach a weight to it. I could probably put tools in the handles, but I’m not sure what good that’ll do for a PVC rig.

3/4 inch PVC and duct tape at the joints to tighten them.

Double jointed front grips means rotational fun. I approve. :V

The camera is held in place by a bolt and two wing nuts, and rests on a foam base held with duct tape. I'll probably add a washer or a plate to give it a flatter base and distribute the weight more evenly.

More from the HD

Here’s another few from the hard drive – two from Heathrow (lol more planes), one from Warwick Uni and one from Geneva, Switzerland.

Heathrow airport. Sometimes I really wish I could walk out there on the runway. There must loads more awesome photos to be had there. :/

Despite the glare, this one's my favourite out of today's post, a church in Geneva, about a half hour after some light snowfall.

A field over at Warwick Uni, with some nice clouds. (If you hadn't guessed by now... I like clouds. :3)

Didn't have time to switch to my 70-300 for this, so this is cropped from an 85mm photo. I think the quality was still decent though, so here you go.

So I’ve been a little busy.

Yeah, there’s a lot of things that I’ve had to do lately, and I’m not quite as free over summer as I thought I’d be. Rest assured that I won’t leave CVP dead throughout summer though. Seeing as my harddrive is full of photos I haven’t shown you guys, I guess now would be a great opportunity to upload them incrementally to show you stuff that I haven’t really been able to show you before. I’m still working on that video I showed GFX tests for, so don’t fret about that. Here’s the first four photos – enjoy.

If you know where this is... Excellent waffles on the second floor. :V


At certain times of day, you can actually take pictures of both ground and sky without the need for an ND grad filter.

... But this is a shot that would have been much improved if I'd had an ND grad filter with me. (Yes, you read that right)

Shot RAW at Heathrow. If I had several dozen Terabytes of storage space, I'd shoot RAW every time, all the time.