Given that my work is involving video more and more these days, I figured I’d cobble a shoulder rig together. Took about half an hour or so to put it all together. It’s looking a bit patchwork, but I think replacing the foam with higher quality stuff and a coat of paint should definitely help. That and I’m probably going to add some stuff to the back as a sort of counterweight, or something to allow me to attach a weight to it. I could probably put tools in the handles, but I’m not sure what good that’ll do for a PVC rig.

3/4 inch PVC and duct tape at the joints to tighten them.

Double jointed front grips means rotational fun. I approve. :V

The camera is held in place by a bolt and two wing nuts, and rests on a foam base held with duct tape. I'll probably add a washer or a plate to give it a flatter base and distribute the weight more evenly.


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