Greetings from Leamington

So I got a bit sidetracked.

A park in Leamington. If I recall correctly, it's Jephson's Park.

Things have been rather busy, and as such, I haven’t had a chance to post recently. More regrettably, I didn’t manage to make my appointment with a butterfly park and delicious macro photography. I am bringing you a few photos from Leamington instead though, which I hope you’ll enjoy as well.

As I later learned, Leamington Spa is so named because of its origins as a royal bathhouse. (citation needed)

I did learn something useful recently though. In the conditions currently prevailing in Leamington (i.e. pretty sunny), a shutter speed of 1/200-1/250 at F/3.5 or so has provided me the best balance of exposure between the sky and ground, preserving the details of both. Of course, this varies considerably depending on what you’re taking photos of – high contrast scenes aren’t going to benefit so much from this, and this optimum may occur at a longer shutter speed or cease to exist entirely in different weather conditions.

It's occurred to me that I've been taking a lot photos of churches lately.

Admittedly, I have done a bit of selective compensation to bring out the sky on the second photo in this post, but all the others are pretty much as they were when they were shot, bar a bit of colour correction. The photo below is probably the best example of this, taken using the settings I described earlier.

Decently exposed sky and ground, using settings similar to those described earlier. I like my clouds. :3

So what’s next? Honestly, I’m not sure yet. It might be Cornwall and France, but I don’t want to promise anything just yet. If it does turn out to be Cornwall and France, I might be a bit slow(er) updating. I’ll do my best to keep you guys posted. Til next time, have a good day/week. 🙂


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