Warwick Castle – Jousting

So I recently was at Warwick Castle, and certainly, it’s an amazing castle. Of course, I had my camera along for the day, and so I did end up with a ton of photos by the end of it. What I’ve decided to do is to break it up, so I’ll be posting different stuff from the day over a few posts. So what am I posting today? Why, men running at each other with sharp objects, of course. 😀

Most of the photos I have today are crops unfortunately, because the show was across a river, and 300mm just doesn’t quite do the trick.

Unfortunately, the jousting and so on was taking place in a sectioned off area on the opposite side of a small river, and even with 300mm of focal length stuck on the end of my camera, it wasn’t enough to get the tight framing that I wanted. As a result, there are two consequences of my having to do this. Firstly, I’ve had to crop photos to get the framing I wanted, which is needless to say, not exactly the greatest situation ever, so the resolution of the photos isn’t exactly brilliant. Secondly, the lens I was using is a little iffy in terms of optical quality at the longer focal lengths, so having to crop the photos probably isn’t helping this.

The other drawback of not being able to get better angles - having things get in the way. Rrawrgh.

If you’ve been following me on Facebook, you’ll also know that I’ve been messing around with my picture controls lately. The main reason I started messing with it is because I realised on a number of my photos that the in-camera sharpening, which I had turned up pretty high before, was… well, sharpening my photos too much. The result was a large number of photos that looked very harsh, as opposed to sharp, fine and detailed. So when I was at the castle, I reconfigured the picture control and let it choose the sharpness automatically. For some cases it was fine, but for others, the lack of crisp and clear edges irked me somewhat. The pictures you’re seeing here (and probably in the coming Warwick Castle posts) will have been sharpened in Photoshop instead of in-camera, a step I didn’t have to do with my previous picture control. I think for my next outing, I’ll probably leave the sharpness at about 6.

Because everything is more awesome when it's on fire. True story.

Funny thing about Nikon’s picture controls is that if you make custom picture controls by using the existing ones as templates (which to my knowledge, is the only way of doing it), the base control that you use does seem to have an effect on the custom one that you finally end up with. Now, I know it might seem really obvious at first that basing two custom picture controls off of different controls would result in different effects on the photos. But when you have two pictures controls, one based off of Vivid and another off of Standard, with identical settings, producing different results, you have to scratch your head a little – especially when the settings for hue, saturation and contrast are controllable. It suggests that Nikon’s picture controls have a little bit of the black box around them, and it’ll probably be useful for people to know that there is this difference in the base picture controls that you build your customs off of.

Of the jousting/combat photos, this one is probably where a combination of being too far away and not having sufficient in-camera sharpening does hurt it a little, which is a shame.

Well, that’s probably all I have to say for tonight. Hopefully I’ll have time to put up more photos of the castle soon, so check back when you can.


By the way, if you like what you see, please do tell your friends and check out the Facebook page. I’m just one guy trying to run this and keep the blog updated with interesting and useful content – plus, I’m considering putting out some photography tutorial videos, so your support would mean a lot to me. Thanks for reading, and see you soon. 🙂


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